Sunday, December 13, 2015

Desensitization in America 

By Moriah Gallagher 

First off, let me start this by saying this article has absolutely nothing to do with gun control or the protection of your right to own guns. This article has everything to do with the explosion of violence we are seeing amongst Americans. Why is this happening? Banning guns won’t stop someone from doing violent acts, but neither will having someone there with a gun to stop the perpetrator. What both sides can agree on is that here in The United States of America we have a serious problem.

 According to there have been 316 mass shootings within the US in 2015 so far. Thats almost enough mass shooting to cover every day of the year and while murder has significantly declined than it has twenty years ago, the kinds of murder we are seeing is changing. Mass shooting are on the rise and individual murders are not. What is making serial killers more common? 

America is desensitized. Everywhere you look there is some sort of violence in media. Some of the most popular shows today rely heavily on violence. Shows like Game of Thrones have extremely graphic depiction of murder and rape and The Walking Dead consists of nothing but watching walkers get their heads blown open. While most of us maintain that we can watch these shows because its fictitious we cannot deny that it is having psychological effects. Things that would make previous generations sick to their stomach, Americans are now watching on a Sunday night in with the family. 

I watched these shows myself. They have a good plot and they're interesting but I cant ignore that the psychological effects are not good. I first noticed the effects on myself when I was on my way home from work. A man was dead in his car and the police officers were waiting to have him picked up. What shocked me the most wasn't the dead man in the car, it was the fact that the sight of a dead man didn't alarm me. Why? Because I had spent hours watching these shows where death is a heavy presence. While I felt sad that the man was dead, it didn't unnerve me.

These violent games, movies, and television shows are not being consumed in moderation. It is being bombarded on the public. The media has infiltrated our lives in a way never seen before therefore, it’s effects on us are different. Most people watch between three and four hours of TV a day, let alone the time they spend on the internet. What I am encouraging everyone to do is to unplug themselves, unplug their kids, and to personally take responsibility for what you and your household are watching because the effects of becoming desensitized are far reaching. Monkey see, monkey do.

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